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Building A Better Belize

Our company’s vision to build a brighter future for Belize will create economic vitality for the country through unique and exciting high-end products aimed at improving the tourism experience in Belize and the Caribbean.

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Blackbird Caye Resort Condos

The Blackbird Caye Resort condo initiative will greatly enhance the visitor capacity and experience. Blackbird Caye is an exotic tropical island located within the Turneffe Atoll system, 25 miles off the coast of Belize City. The world-famous atoll is the largest in Belize and the most biologically diverse in the Western Hemisphere.

The resort property is nestled at the edge of 4,000 acres of remote jungle and palm trees. This prime location offers guests access to more than 70 spectacular dive and snorkel sites, as well as proximity to the famous Blue Hole. Currently, the resort complex offers 18 private oceanfront cabanas. The proposed enhancement will encompass 214 acres, to be developed with a sustainable future in mind, and will include 130 condos, 40 villas, and a number of over-the-water bungalows. The comprehensive plan also calls for an entertainment complex, marina, spa, restaurant, bars, beach pavilion, fitness center, private airstrip, communications, and emergency services.

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Stake Bank Island

The duty-free Stake Bank Island proposal is every bit as ambitious and sweeping as its companion project, Ocean View Grand. The crown jewel of this project is a deep-water cruise port capable of hosting an impressive four Voyager-class cruise ships at any given time. Located four miles from Belize City, Stake Bank will provide visitors high-quality services and amenities including a marina, shops, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. There will also be an independent entertainment and shopping area for cruise crew members and an exciting Mayan-themed water park. Stake Bank and Ocean View Grand will be connected to each other via a vehicular causeway and another causeway will connect Ocean View Grand to the mainland. The Feinstein Group of Companies is proud to be the architect of these 100% Belizean projects.

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