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World-Class Resorts & Local Services

The Feinstein Group of Companies reflects a wide range of businesses, including real estate developments, resort operations, cruise, and tourist-related services and products, as well as citrus and aquaculture exporting. The firm has properties throughout prime locations in Belize.


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Bacab Eco Park

In 2003, the government of Belize indicated there was a need to develop new destinations and diversify tour offerings to cruise passengers in order to relieve the strain of increased tourism on Belize’s treasured archaeological sites and popular snorkeling destinations.

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On 359 acres of untamed land, strategically located near the airport, cruise port, and highway, 15 miles outside of Belize City, Bacab Eco Park set out to provide “something for everyone.”

The park opened to the public in February of 2006 as Belize’s premier family destination and was instantly embraced by residents and tourists alike. This lush jungle playground proudly boasts over 200 species of tropical plants, exceptional viewing of free-range wildlife, a magnificent free-form pool, sculptured waterfall, restaurant, and bar. It is truly, as one guest commented, “an oasis of fun and relaxation.”

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Benchaela Imports

Benchaela Imports was formed to supply the large-scale ongoing projects of The Group. As a high-volume supplier of construction materials such as steel and cement, Benchaela Imports offers the considerable advantages of lower prices and higher quality.

view of teal homes on the sand near the beach

Blackbird Caye Resort

Located 24 miles off the coast of Belize City, Blackbird Caye Resort’s 18 well-appointed cabanas are nestled along a two-mile stretch of meandering white sand and perched at the doorstep to some of the world’s most exotic diving.

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The resort itself is located on Blackbird Caye within the famous Turneffe Atoll system, declared a marine reserve in 2012 by the Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development. An atoll is a marine structure composed of ring-like coral reefs surrounding a central lagoon. At 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, Turneffe is the largest atoll system in Belize and the most biologically diverse in the Western Hemisphere.

One of its distinctive features is the amount of terrestrial and mangrove vegetation – over 150 islands, found in such a geographic location – so far from the mainland. This prime location affords guests access to more than 70 unspoiled dive and snorkel sites, all within minutes of the resort. Moreover, the resort is only 90 minutes away from a limestone cave structure that the great Jacques Cousteau dubbed as “one of the top 10 scuba diving sites in the world,” the Great Blue Hole. So visually stunning, the 153,000-year-old imploded cave is almost perfectly circular, 1000 feet across and plunging to a depth of 400 feet. She is the largest natural formation of its kind on Earth. Blackbird Caye Resort can take you there.

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Fein Catch

In a move seen as a “major shot in the arm” for the industry, The Feinstein Group of Companies rescued the former Fresh Catch Tilapia Farm from receivership in January of 2014.

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The firm’s inspired venture into aquaculture will bring this important business fully back into operation with pond rehabilitation, which began shortly after purchase and restocking. Earthworks have been completed for two blocks of ponds on the 600-acre farm. The two blocks consist of 90 fish ponds, with an impressive yield expectancy of over two million pounds of fillet per year. Fein Catch expects to start harvesting in early 2015.

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Fort Point Security

Fort Point Security’s mission is to provide clients with the highest quality security services and products available in the industry today. With 15 years of combined experience, Fort Point’s staff offers real-world security solutions, powered by experience and high-level training, to customers in a variety of industries. 

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Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Fort Point provides security for individuals and businesses including the port and coastal perimeter, shopping centers, storefronts, special events, banks, and armored trucks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company takes pride in its partnership approach with clients and its high level of integrity, professionalism, and quality of service. Fort Point aims to conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

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M&M Citrus Grove

The Feinstein family has always had a deep respect, passion, and love for all things Belizean. What could be more Belizean than fresh, superior quality tropical citrus fruit? Established in the early 1990s, M&M Citrus Grove is perfectly located within the fertile citrus belt of Belize. 

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Just three miles from the southern highway, 15 miles from the Stann Creek District, and 15 miles from the factory, the grove is completely accessible during production season. The harvest can be processed, transported, and distributed quickly and efficiently. Harvesting runs from December to July. Pruning, cleaning, and treatment to improve the quality of the fruit take place in the off-season.

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Ocean View Grand

Ocean View Grand is a bold, economy-boosting endeavor designed to become a dynamic nucleus of entertainment, recreation, and luxury living. This development will be situated on the 538-acre island of North Drowned Caye, 2.5 miles offshore from Belize City.

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Exclusive single-family beachfront estates and homes, lakefront multi-family units, and marina condos are among the enticing residential offerings. Luxury is the hallmark of the proposed boutique hotel and spa. A beach hotel, beach club, and casino conference center will embody the standard of excellence set for this project and the fully functional marina will boast 200 boat slips and dry-stack facilities. Extensive duty-free retail shopping, fine dining, and fun snacking, nightlife, and entertainment will all be available to Belizeans, boaters, and tourists. Ocean View Grand will become a model for future developments in the region.

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Ocean View Realty

Ocean View Realty has over 20 years of experience in real estate development in Belize. The company is qualified and committed to providing clients with the highest possible service for investing in and developing property in Belize.

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Offering an extensive range of properties in the best locations, including beachfront and inland, for both private and commercial development, Ocean View Realty is ready to serve both buyers and sellers, clients planning on raising families or planning to retire, clients looking to acquire more assets or for some of the best development opportunities in the area. Ocean View Realty will negotiate the best terms possible to make sure clients are satisfied.

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Stake Bank Island

The duty-free Stake Bank Island proposal is every bit as ambitious and sweeping as its companion project, Ocean View Grand. The crown jewel of this project is a deep-water cruise port capable of hosting an impressive four Voyager-class cruise ships at any given time.

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Located four miles from Belize City, Stake Bank will provide visitors high-quality services and amenities including a marina, shops, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. There will also be an independent entertainment and shopping area for cruise crew members and an exciting Mayan-themed water park. Stake Bank and Ocean View Grand will be connected to each other via a vehicular causeway and another causeway will connect Ocean View Grand to the mainland. The Feinstein Group of Companies is proud to be the architect of these 100% Belizean projects.

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